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Friday, 13 March 2015

What Keeps Me Motivated?

2015 - My 3 Month Progress 

Well its now the middle of march which is flabbergasting in itself how on earth have we gotten to March already??? 

Want to hear something even scarier? Its my last lecture for my masters on Thursday...I cant quite wrap my head around this! It doesn't seem long ago since the start of the degree & now its coming to the end of the taught part of the 12 month programme!!!

This got me thinking about progress and how I'm going to keep up my healthy eating and exercise whilst maybe not being in the same routine!! I started thinking about how I've kept myself motivated so far this year and what I can do to keep myself motivated to stay fit and healthy for the rest of the year!! 

I think one of the main motivators is the domino like effect that my diet and exercise has on my general well-being. 

Over the years many, many pounds of fat have come & gone...come & gone again...and come & hopefully gone for good this time.
The main lesson I have learnt is that when I eat unhealthy food and don't exercise I feel physically an mentally sluggish.

This is what keeps me motivated at the moment, because completing my Masters degree requires a lot of time, effort and energy.
There are lectures to attend and learn from, research to complete along with many different assignments.
To complete these to a high standard requires me to be on top form.
I find I am at my most energetic and motivated when I am eating a healthy well balanced diet and participating in regular exercise.

As a student this in itself can be a challenge, not only are you limited by budget but also sometimes your time is monopolised by numerous conflicting assignment deadlines.
I have to keep the knowledge that my best chance of completing assignments to a high standard is if I also prioritise my own health because as soon as this goes so does my motivation and ability to complete the assignments.

I find that I can sometimes feel guilty about exercising when I have numerous assignments, research and lectures to attend to even with the positive impact I know it has. So I like to have a fitness goal to keep me accountable for. This year that has been running a 10km race and now training to run another half marathon.
By having a goal that I have signed up to, this allows me to have a training programme to stick to.
A great motivation is knowing that in so many weeks/months you will have to run that race so you better be ready for it!!

Diet wise, I actually find it the easiest I ever have done to keep eating healthy. I think that is because this time I see it more as a way of life than a punishment for getting fat again.

This time round I am enjoying experimenting with new foods and finding healthier ways of enjoying much loved recipes.
I am also finding this blog, twitter and Instagram great motivators  to continue on the healthy lifestyle.
They are also really great for finding inspiration and a little bit of support when needed.

So there we go, that has been my motivation for keeping me on track for my 2015 health and fitness goals.
I think it's going pretty well so far. I will keep you updated throughout the year on my journey to a healthier lifestyle!

Let me know what yours have been in the comments below or tweet me @YourMBC

Remember, It's Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice!

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  1. Enjoy your last lectures! You're right about the connection between healthy living and energy levels and feeling good. I definitely notice a difference too. I'm much more productive when I'm eating well and exercising