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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn

Yummy Popcorn Topping  

Yes you read it right, Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Popcorn & it's amazing!!!!

I love air popped popcorn, not least because it's a low calorie snack & I love snacking, but sometimes plain air popped popcorn can be a little boring so I had a play around with some toppings.

As you probably already know I'm a little addicted to dark chocolate & peanut butter so naturally they had to both be involved :)

It's a nice simple recipe which is so cheap it's unreal & allll my flatmates loved it!!!

So, without further a do I give you Heaven In A Bowl


1/2 Cup of Popcorn Kernels
1 tsp of oil (I used coconut oil, but use your own choice)
50g of dark chocolate
2 tbsp Peanut Butter


1.In a LARGE pan put the oil & popcorn kernels & put the lid on

2. Over a medium heat allow the kernels to pop

May have misjudged the kernel to pan ratio
3. Keep shaking the pan throughout until the popping decreases then remove from heat

4. In a microwavable safe bowl break up the chocolate & melt in the microwave
(do this in short 30 second blasts mixing in between so you don't burn it)

My favourite Budget Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate
5. Once melted add the peanut butter & mix in until smooth
(add more or less PB to taste)

6. Transfer your popcorn into desired bowl

7. Using 2 spoons pour the chocolate & peanut butter sauce over the popcorn and mix well

8. Enjoy a gorgeously decadent snack ;)

So there we go, a guilelessly pleasurable snack to enjoy on those movie nights :)

Remember, It's Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Snacks...Glorious Snacks

So as many of you may know if you follow me on twitter @YourMBC I am a mahoosive snacker...I genuinely cant get through a day without snacking!!!

I am a self confesses grump when i get hungry, you do not want to be around me when i'm getting those hunger pangs even leas so if i'm tired as well!!!! So for other peoples safety and my own belly I constantly keep snacks i'm my handbag!!! 

This has raised many an eyebrow when I start rummaging and pull out all kinds of things!!! 

I thought it would be good for fellow #snackys to have a little inspiration and hopefully vet a bit of inspiration from you guys on good options for those #snackattack moments!!!! 

So here's my go to snacks that I will have in my handbag :) please share with me your own #snackys in the comments below or use #snackattack on twitter!!! 

Frank Bars
Bear YoYo

Nakd Bars


Fruit Pots

Mixed Nuts

Small Chocolate Bar

Greek Yogurt

Some are ones I have bought as pre-packaged snacks & others I make myself!!
Tupperware/containers are invaluable for carrying snacks safely around in, there is nothing worse than one that splats all over your handbag!!!

A little bit of forward planning & you save yourself not only a little money but also stop you making a snap decision in those Hangry moments!!!

Remember, It's Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Chocolate Banana & Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Choc Banana & Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Yes your reading it right it says ice cream, it sounds too good to be true but honestly its's actually good for you!!!

I would have to say that one of my favorite foods has to be ice cream, and i'm not fussy with it either...some could argue its an obsession!!!
Unfortunately with the Clean Eating these days many ice creams just aren't good for you! This was something I can't quite cope with so I found a way of making a Clean Ice Cream, and I LOVE it!!!

With just 3 ingredients it couldn't be easier too make either (especially when one of them is my second fave food in the world Peanut Butter)


1 Large banana or 2 medium bananas peeled
(great to use up those that are going bad)
1 teaspoon of Cacao Powder
1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter


1. take the bananas, slice them up & pop them in a tub/bag in the freezer (at least overnight)
2. Take the bananas out of the freezer and sit on side for a few minutes
3. Take your nutri-bullet/food processor out
4. Put the ingredients together into your processor and whizz until combined

5. You may need to give it a stir a couple of times
6. Put into a sexy bowl & enjoy!!

A guilt free clean eating way to have a date night in with yourself and a bowl of 'Ice-Cream'

Enjoy, there's no way you wont!!!

Remember, It's Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice! 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Example Clean Meals I eat

Examples of Meals I Eat In General

I have been asked by a few friends to put down in writing examples of meals that I eat. 
I stress I am not a nutritionist/dietician or professional in any way, this is just something I get asked by friends from time to time so thought it might be of use to others too.


I drink 2-3 litres of water
I drink Green tea with honey throughout the day
I drink a glass of lemon water in the morning
After upper body day in the gym just before bed I have a protein shake/high protein snack so I don't wake up in the night requiring protein.


Scrambled (2) eggs on toast (Cranks Wholemeal bread)
Overnight Oats
Smoothie (using my Nutri-bullet)
Protein Pancakes


Scrambled (2) eggs on toast (Cranks Wholemeal bread). If not egg had for breakfast
Tuna Mayo and Oatcakes
Pita Pizzas
Salad Bowl
2 egg Omelette with salad. If not egg had for breakfast
2 x hard boiled egg and toast (Cranks Wholemeal bread). If not egg had for breakfast
Home-made soup


Sweet Potato with Chicken x 1 and Vegetables
Chicken breast x 2 with mixed vegetables
Salmon with mixed Vegetables
Tuna Steak with Mixed Vegetables
3 egg Omelette with cheese and salad
Turkey breast with Vegetables
Chicken mixed with avocado and mixed vegetables
Flat mushrooms with quinoa, peppers and onions
Home-made bolognese with whole wheat spaghetti
Home-made Curry with Whole wheat Pasta
Pasta bake with Whole wheat pasta and home-made tomato sauce


Handful of Mixed nuts
Round of toast (Cranks Wholemeal bread) with spread (peanut/almond/cashew butter)
Piece of fruit
Yoghurt with drizzle of honey and a few crushed nuts
Block of Dark (85%) chocolate
Home-made Nakd Bar
Bowl of sweet potato Fries
Air popped popcorn with choice of topping
Rice cakes with (peanut/almond/cashew butter) and handful of raisins
Banana Muffin
Carrot, Pepper & Cucumber sticks
Yo-Yo Bear
Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter
Raw Clean Chocolate Brownie

Pre/Post Workout

Protein Ball
Round of toast (Cranks Wholemeal bread) with spread (peanut/almond/cashew butter)
Protein Shake
Home-made Nakd Bar
Frank Bar
Apple with peanut butter
Banana, peanut butter & dark chocolate Frozen snacks

Some off these recipes (protein balls, home-made nakd bar, overnight oats) can be found on my blog. If you have questions about any of the others please just ask.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to help wit eating clean on a budget, Please follow me on Twitter @YourMBC for further daily updates and inspiration.

Remember, Its Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice