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Friday, 6 March 2015

My SkinCare Routine

What is my Skin Care?

Quite a few people lately have mentioned how good my skin is looking (one person even said the word "perfect") and they ask how?
So I thought i'd write a post about what my skincare routine is and show you the products that I use at the moment! I say at the moment because I do like experimenting with products others recommend so please feel free to make any in the comments below or on twitter @YourMBC

Firstly I have all of my products in a nice bag which stays in my wardrobe so everything is quick to hand rather than hunting around for things.

Step by Step 

1. This is the best thing you can do for your skin (and body in general) and its totally FREE aswell!! What budget friendly student could resist right??? 


Just drink lots of water throughout the day, keep yourself hydrated its so so so important! I genuiney noticed the biggest improvement in my skin when I started actually drinking enough water throughout the day! If your struggle with this but like me are quite easily swayed by pretty things then get one of these watr bottles which actually tells you when you should have drank how much by each part of the day :) simple and pretty! 

I do this routine morning & night! It may seem time consuming but trust me its totally worth it! 

2. So I start by removing any makeup with L'Oreal Sensitive Micellar Gel.
I really like this because its like a smooth cooling gel which just feels lively on your skin, doesn't hurt if you get it in your eye and removes all traces really easily!!!

3. Then I go and cleanse with Simple 
This is gentle on your skin, leaves it feeling soft & velvety & is really reasonable value for money! 

4. I then use L'Oreal velvety soft toner
This is really nice and genuinely velvety soft, I use it on my face and neck (its important not to forget about that) apply using a cotton pad. 

5. Next is my eye cream, I use 2 different ones, one in the morning and a different one in the evening because that's what I need, this may be different for you! 
In the morning I use simple eye regeneration cream! This is nice and gentle around the eyes, you only need a little blob and it helps keep that delicate eye area protected and hopefully those crow feet away for a little while longer! 

In the evening I use Boots cucumber eye gel, this is because I get dark circles under my eyes and after research found that this could be due to dehydration around that delicate skin area! So I put this on at night to allow this area to get a little TLC overnight! So far I have definitely noticed a difference so going to keep using it to see if it continues being effective!

6. Just in the morning I use this fabulous product the body shop pore minimiser on my cheeks as I have quite large pores, it does wonders, smells great and feels lovely :)!! 

7. Then I use a moisturiser, I use 2 different ones for morning and night as its important to have an SPF in your daytime one as it protects your skin from those nasty UV rays!! But its always a little more expensive so to keep costs down I then use a daily moisturiser without SPF at night! 

Both of these are Olay as this is what my mum has always used and her skin is just beautiful, the price tag is so reasonable as well for such a fantastic product!  

8. Once a week I also use a face mask, currently using the Montagne Jeunesse, which are really good, I will be writing a review of the 7 I bought recently in a couple of months so keep your eyes peeled for that one! 

I also bought this Simple deep cleansing face mask which is also very good and can be used twice a week if you wish.

So there it is, my lovely skincare routine, if you have any suggestions please let me know as I always love trying new products!! 

Once you get into a good routine its really easy to do & you honestly feel great after!! When the compliments come rolling in you wont ever want to stop! 

Remember, It's Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice! 

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