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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Review of 1st GymJunkies Box

January's Gym Junkies Box

So @Gymjunkies have sent out their first monthly box & I thought I'd review the contents :)

I chose the slimming box from their website (they also have a bulker & a beginner box), it's dead easy to order just go to their website & follow the links-

It arrived in a lovely little box (postman was a little cute as well ;p)
Like a big kid at Christmas I couldn't wait to open it to see what was inside...

Look at all the goodies :)
Packed in were 9 products to sample here's what I thought of them:

Bounce Ball Peanut Protein Blast

I really liked this, as you probably know if you read my blog posts I'm a little bit obsessed with PeanutButter so this was already a winner.
I used it as fuel for a nice long run, it was great and didn't leave me feeling sick etc!
Would not normally have bought them as they are a little expensive but after trying them will now get them to have in my gymbag

Protein Drinks USlim Chocolate Shake

Oh My Days this was gorgeous. I had seen the day before that someone had added it to their Weetabix instead of standard milk & had to give it a go myself.
Definitely a good idea, I tried it on it's own first which was lovely as well
Would definitely recommend, particularly as its only 106 Calories per bottle & 15g of protein so perfect for those trying to slim down but still have healthy tasty food/drinks
Battle Oats Double Choc Chip flapjack

This was beautiful, I had seen them advertised and raved about by many on Twitter and was so happy to find one in the box. It was very yummy and I will definitely be trying these again soon!!
Itsu Dark Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes
These were lovely, you get 3 in a pack which is more than enough for an afternoon pickmeup snack!
I really like rice cakes anyway but with the added chocolate on these they were lovely, they also do them in other flavors which I will be trying!

Sports Kitchen Beef Bolognaise Pasta
This I will admit I was a little dubious of as i'm not one for eating the 'just add water to' type of meals. However, after getting in from a long day in Uni and realising I failed to remember to take meat out for dinner this looked like an angel in disguise.
It was easy to make just boil the kettle, add water, stir and leave for 5 minutes. It was tasty, not like cardboard, was the right consistency...not just flavoured water and the ingredients are good and its high protein. I don't know whether I would buy them again purely because I like to make my own meals, but for someone who needs fast nutritious high protein meals that are easy to transport and prepare then I would definitely recommend them. Saying that...these might be perfect for a summer camping trip, hmmm... :)!!

Highs Zero

These were really nice. I added them to my water for in the gym/out running. They gave a nice flavour and its definitely an economical way to have electrolyte drinks without having to buy the very expensive bottles. Would definitely recommend these!

Jodie Marsh Semtex 6 Pack

I chose not to use these as I don't really like to use fat burners of any tablet form
I gave them to a friend who wanted to try them anyway & she said they seemed good
Ultimately I would recommend weight loss through Diet & Exercise rather than using these but it is personal choice
Itsu Crispy Seaweed Thins

I used to really like the seaweed that you get on a platter at a Chinese Restaurant so I was quite excited to try these
Unfortunately my taste buds did not agree :/ these were not nice in my opinion, but that's probably just personal preference.
They do look pretty when they come out of the pack, and at 24 calories would help with a calorie controlled diet if that's what your wishing to do
Raging Bull Original Billatong

I'm not going to lie, out of all the items in the box I left this until last and was definitely not looking forward to trying it
When I opened the bag and smelt it, it smelt nothing like what I was expecting, it was quite pleasant
When I finally brought myself to taste it (this did take a wee while) surprisingly it was palatable. 
I personally will not be buying it myself, again that is due to personal preference rather than a complaint of the product

And Finally included in the box is a magazine to help with your diet & nutrition along with some workout plans for Bulkers & Slimmers

This gave some great meal option ideas along with a Fat Loss Workout programme & space to keep track of your progress.
This is really useful for inspiration and to keep you on track.

So there you go, the GymJunkies January Box Review
I really enjoyed trying different items that normally I wouldn't have bought!
It's great value for money and I can't wait to try next month's :)

Remember, It's Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice!!!

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