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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Meal Plan for £20 Eat Clean Shopping List

Now that you the shopping list is ready to go, here's what I will be making for the weeks meals:

The difficulty with eating on a budget (particularly only £20) is that there is going to be a lot of repetition of meals, so its about splitting them up throughout the week and being a little inventive.

I have also created the meal plan using JUST what was on the shopping list and nothing else, normally I would usually use a lot of items which I already have in my 'Essential Store Cupboard Items' (post to be written shortly). However, I understand that not all students would have this already and so created this meal plan which would allow them to eat purely on £20 a week.

Please understand that I am not a nutritionist or professional in anyway, I am merely trying to give some Healthy Eating inspiration to those that are wanting it and only able to do it on a budget.

A Little Explanation of The Meal Plan

Porridge- I do overnight oats so that's 1/2 Cup of oats to 1 Cup of Milk in a bowl overnight (speeds the cooking process up in the morning, great for when in a hurry)

Yogurt & Fruit Bowl- This is 1/2 cup of Yogurt and 1/2 cup of frozen berries (defrosted the night before) or make into a smoothie to mix things up

Omelette- This is 2 eggs and a splash of milk 

Salad- Each lunch Salad also includes 1 hard boiled egg and the egg salad on Tuesday is 2

Veg- This works out at just over a 1/4 of a bag each meal 

Sweet Potato- I was a little disappointed with the size of these as normally they are able to be used individually however for 69p I cant complain. Just divide how many you have by 3 for the meals.

So here goes a week of Eating Clean on a £20 budget, I will post at the end of the week how it went :)

Please post any comments below or tweet me @YourMBC 

Remember It's Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice

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