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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

£20 Shopping List

Well I did it, I managed to create a Weekly Meal Plan and a Shopping list with ALL ingredients costing just £20.26
All thanks to +AldiUK 

I manged this with a number of different resources and an evening of planning (quite enjoyable as i was watching Magic Mike at the time as-well).

 I chose Aldi as it is my closest supermarket, within walking distance so I don't have to think about transport. Not only saving the pennies but also a good bit of exercise as well.

I was aware of a blog post by @TheKitchenShed which had managed to do a weekly family budget shop for £60 from Aldi 
This was really useful as it allowed me to see certain food items that Aldi stocked which are Clean-eating and would allow me to stick to a budget.

I also used a website to check prices of products

Finally, I used AldiUK website to see what their Super 6 fruit and veg and their meat offers for the week.
This is a really great way for you to try lots of different fruits and veg whilst being able to stick to a budget.

So here it is, the shopping list for a weeks meals @ £20

Shopping List

Plums £0.69
Apples £0.69
Sweet Potatoes £0.69
Cucumber £0.45
Iceberg Lettuce £0.45
Mixed Peppers £0.89
Chestnut Mushrooms £0.69

2 x Yogurt 500ml £0.90
S.Skimmed Milk 4pint £0.95
2x 6pack Eggs £1.78

British Diced Chicken £1.99
Turkey Steaks £2.59

Porridge Oats £0.75
Tinned Tuna in Brine £0.49

Tuna Steaks £2.99
2x Vegetable Medley 1kg Bag £1.78
Mixed Berries £1.49

Okay, so it totals £20.26 but i'd say that's near enough!

Have fun shopping and the meal plan will be posted shortly :)

Remember It's Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice

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