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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Roasted Sweet Red Pepper & Tomato Soup

Recipe for My Roasted Sweet Red Pepper & Tomato Soup

I've never made a soup before, however with the cold nights drawing in and the thought of getting in from Uni after a long day and cooking not sounding so appealing I thought i'd give it a go.
I'm so glad I did, this is amazing, even if I say so myself :p!!!

It is really easy to make and once cooled just poor it into some Tupperware and put it in the freezer ready for those days when you need a little bit of a warm hug in a bowl :)


3 x Sweet Red Peppers
1 x Large Red Onion
12 x Ripe Tomatoes 
Olive Oil to drizzle
Salt & Pepper to season
500ml Stock (I used Bouillon Powder)


1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees
2. Chop the onion, red peppers and tomatoes into chunks and place on a baking tray
3. Drizzle with Olive Oil
4. Season with Salt & Pepper
5. Toss it all together & then evenly spread out on the tray
6. Roast in the oven for 30/45 minutes, it can vary so check & when slightly charred they're done
7. Once done take out of the oven and prepare your vegetable stock, follow the pack instructions
8. Now all you need to do is put it into your food processor until its to the consistency that you like

Here's the roasted vegetables once they had come out the oven, they smelt amazing!!!

The recipe made a lot of soup, I managed to get enough for 4 x 250ml tubs and 3 x 150ml tubs plus my supper for that night.

There's also my Leek & Potato Soup in the photo there, recipe will be up on blog soon!!

Happy Souping :)

Remember, It's Your Mind, Your Body, Your Choice!

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